The Energy of Life–Extension Course


This live two-week Webinar is for all the graduates of
“The Energy of Life” and “A Better Life” Webinars.

Two text lessons and Two  teleconferences

Once enrolled you will receive a link and password to both the audio and text lessons

to access them directly online or to download them to your computer.



The material in these webinars was so potent and so original there is no way anyone could have anticipated the questions that might arise when going to apply it. From the beginning I knew this follow-up would be necessary, and now I have many letters with requests  to confirm it.

There will be many practical explanations in this extension, because I want you to have every certainty that what you learned is NOT esoteric. It is the very essence of life as you live it. There is just so much more to it than you expected.

You will have a delegated email hot-line to me so that I may incorporate all of your questions and realizations in my presentations. The two one-hour conference calls will address you personally as well as provide extensive explanations of the information you already have. Then you will be given written summaries that you may use as guidelines for creating the best life possible.

This extension is for graduates of BOTH earlier Webinars. They are very interconnected, and it does not matter if you did not take both. This will be addressing areas common to both courses.


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