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Based on letters and comments our current webinar The Love You Are is changing lives in the awareness in knowing you are love. It is so important to know the source of love (not only God’s but yours). That in itself has opened up countless blessings for many people.

However, there is one more step necessary to insure that we do not step back into hurt and unworthiness. That is the consciousness with which we connect our lives to the larger field of life. All the blessings of the universe have already been given. They are waiting for us to pick them from the tree. But why don’t we?

Well, the first reason is that we feel we have to earn them; but, don’t know how. While there is merit to the idea that we gain self-esteem from earning our rewards, there is no way we could earn our very life or the more important blessings we seek.

They have been given by grace, and are realized through the love that we are.

The second most common obstacle is that our state of consciousness is blocking our ability even to SEE the blessings that are being offered. There are so many problems, doubts, fears, failures, and filters through which we view life, we cannot see a bright new sun rising!

Though healing comes from God, our conscious connection with life opens the door and brings more possibilities to us. This is why Jeshua would always follow his healings with such comments as, “Your faith has made you whole.”

In this course we will expose many of the blockages that have held you hostage to a lower consciousness, so that you may lift the veil and bring more light into your world.

This course will enrich your experience and understanding of all the books, messages, and blessings from Jeshua. It will transform your consciousness.


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