Power of Creation


Consisting of four written text lessons and four teleconferences


The Power of Creation Webinar will unlock and release this vital life force for a better life. This is not just for artists, inventors, and originators of ideas and concepts. The great life skill of creation is in all of us. It ignites and perfects our many human abilities. Without the spirit of creation, life would be dull and without luster, not to mention lacking in hope, joy, and expectation!

All of life and existence create, and that includes YOU! However, you have many choices for creation. One is to create “something:” A career, relationship, family, home, project, vacation, or skill and then try to fit your life INTO IT. Another is to creatively respond to life, and all the opportunities around you, which then become an extension of you AS CREATION. Guess which orientation will make you happier? Most people at the end of their life have far less regret for their mistakes and failures, than they have for the simple irremovable vacuum of what they did not create. Today, choose to create. Best of all create from the inside out!

 All sessions will be recorded for your playback and for permanent download.
There will also be written lessons and worksheets


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