The Easiest Way to Have the Best Possible Life


Three power-packed presentations of NEW information, exciting, fun, and applicable to your life immediately.  Here’s to the best life possible!
September 20, 27, and October 4th
Conference calls each Sunday at 7:00 PM ET, 6:00 CDT, 5:00 MDT, 4:00 PDT
Three Sundays, Three lessons, Downloadable text and audio for your permanent library.  (Your conference call number and login pass-code will be provided on enrollment.)

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When you’re on the real path, no hype is required to get you motivated, and you don’t fall for false promises, because you know that somehow, someway, you will reach your goals. You are looking for support that will get you there easier, quicker, and with the greatest spirit of achievement. This webinar is that kind of support.

Success is not about luck or attraction, although we all enjoy these little perks from the universe when they happen.  Some people were born with advantages, but along the way we all have our challenges and mountains to climb.  Our definitions of success are all different, and its very important that you know your own and be guided by your own star.  So many people waste years of life pursuing someone else’s idea of success.  In the end we must all answer to these basic questions: Did you do what you came to do, did you learn what you needed to learn, did you make a difference with your life?  Being able to answer those questions in the affirmative is the essence of success.  And, no one has a better connection with divine or exceptional possibility than you do, and there is no troublesome condition that cannot be turned around.  How to do this is revealed in this webinar, in the very first lesson, and then we go from there to making it work.
There have been many courses and books written on success, but none that are as direct, straightforward, and utterly effective as these instructions from Jeshua.  Hear what he has to say about personal success and fulfillment, and what is possible for you!  He clarifies what we have to accept about this universe and how it works…as well as false beliefs and realities we need to dismiss.
You were created to be AWESOME.  Let’s take a closer look at how that can be.

In three power-packed teleconference lessons we will address these topics and more:

  1. Seven things you must have to succeed.  (Money is not one of them. Neither are health, youth, or good looks)

  2.  Putting your soul in charge.

  3. The miracle of inner joy.

  4. Stepping out of karmic patterns.

This webinar consists of three teleconference lessons.  Each lesson will be recorded and accompanied by text information with charts, lists, and recommendation to put this all into action.

 September 20, 27th, and October 4th

7:00 PM EDT; 6:00 CDT; 5:00 MDT; 4:00 PDT

On the other side of this webinar you will have a brighter future than you ever thought was actually possible.  It is my pleasure and privilege to bring this to you.

Since there are only three lessons the tuition has been adjusted down from our usual webinar cost, but the value is as much and more.


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