To Drink from Living Waters

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Jeshua said to the woman at the well, “I will give you living waters.” (John 4:14) :  “Whoever takes the water I give him will never be in need of drink again; for the water I give him will become in him a fountain of eternal life.”  Was this because his words were divine?  Yes.  But also because they would strike a cord, an awakening, or a divine spark within that woman, and everyone, who really listens.   This is true of all His words eternally, and all words spoken for divine revelation throughout history.

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When we that all truth has a resonance point within each person, we can truly understand how revelations can be given for all people, and yet have unique and special meaning for YOU.  We each have a singular place in the Heart of God, through which every moment of divine revelation or assistance becomes His own special message to you.

This is even true of the Bible.  While I honor the holiness of it all, there are certainly parts that are more touching and meaningful to me, certain parts I cherish, and other parts I set aside because they seem more to be about historical events and societal practices.  However, I respect the great likelihood that those parts I will be very meaningful to someone else in building their personal relationship with God.  As an artist, writer, and poet, I enjoy allegory and metaphor and find divine revelations within them.  While I say this, others can only relate to any message in any book that can be taken for literal intention and application.  There are historians, meticulous organizers, scientists, and visionaries, all with a different perspective on anything and everything. Without any judgment or preference, let’s pause for a moment and paint a portrait of each person and where they would likely find their greatest service and purpose in life.  And then there’s you…

You see, its really all about YOU.  God is painting a portrait of you and His love for you by highlighting passages that can touch your heart,  elevate your life, and bring you closer to Him.

I began my career in this world as a painter of portraits.  It was a great privilege to be a biographer in paint, recording the visual map of a soul in its journey through life.  This experience would be invaluable for painting Jeshua several decades later.

As I compare this youthful beginning to the way I have been serving in the last 20 years, I see that NOTHING HAS CHANGED.  I am still painting portraits.  Only now, and in the recent past, I have been outlining the light of souls discovering Jeshua’s love and truth through the words He streams through me.

The reason so many people pour through Love Without End and The Keys of Jeshua dozens (even hundreds) of times, each time highlighting or marking notes of something new is because they are DISCOVERING THEMSELVES IN THE PAGES OF THESE BOOKS.

You see, the real point of that scripture from John is that YOU are the living water that takes on eternal life in the spirit, love, inspiration and healing Jeshua offers.  This will happen through His words, whether to you directly, through the Bible, or through  messages I have been privileged to relay to you.


We have offered study courses before, and many wonderful teachers have devoted their time and love to offer their own version.  However, those were generally content oriented and designed to help readers come together to compare questions, understanding, and conclusions about what they read.

This webinar will be different in that we will cover all three books, and only take up a few central topics from each.  Those topics will be carefully chosen for their power to unlock your personal revelations from these books, and to unfurl the broader perspective that allows you to find personal and yet universal applications for your life. 

  • You will come away with a greater ability to be the love that you ARE rather than just doing the love that you do.  And, be able to appreciate that higher quality more in others.
  • You will see that the power actually moving this universe, and your life, is magnetic more than electric.  As you tie this  understanding together with your plans for peaceful attainment you will see how the mechanics of the universe were designed to support you in all ways from better health, to more meaningful relationships, to more fulfilling work.  You CAN attain the goals of your heart.
  • You will learn how your life purposes have already been working on many levels unbeknownst to you.  Discovering this sooner than later will allow you to accelerate all the progress that has already happened.  It will be like harvesting crops in fields you did not know existed.  Couldn’t we all use a little more abundance, if only in personal confidence and value of our experiences?
  • You will learn how to have your own productive conversation with God that moves forward every day to expose your own special plan for experience, accomplishment, and contribution.  We don’t always “get” everything we ask from God, because getting is not always the solution. But when we form a living partnership with God we are destined for success.  That is a central theme in all three books.

Join us and find out how all three books write a living portrait of YOU, a portrait from which you will draw inspiration and guidance eternally.


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  1. Carol (verified owner)

    I am new to Glenda Green’s books and webinars. I grabbed on to her offer of a 4-week class between Easter and Mother’s Day. Very inspiring teachings on Jeshua and bringing in the teachings in the these 3 books. I ordered them right away before the class began. From Glenda in one of the classes that is one of many things that touched me: “He became us in order to demonstrate what words cannot convey.
    Even now he is willing to BE anyone who will invite him in.
    … he wants to help us find the center from which we can pull the points of our life together.”

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