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What is so special about essential oils is they are created by plants to ATTRACT whatever they need. 

We study plant life and the needs they attract, and then use that   knowledge to enhance our desires, prayers, creations, and manifestations.

You may be surprised to learn that there is one part of your physical system and inner being that always knows what it wants and needs—and pursues it without reservation. That is your autonomic nervous system, which governs your basic life functions. It doesn’t care what considerations you have, your past conditioning, your thoughts, or if you’ve failed before. It reaches for and attracts what it needs.

How would you like to partner with this system more consciously for desires that are way beyond bodily needs?

There is a way you can. We all need to feel we can attract the life we require and want. Sometimes this is through creativity, often through hard work, or many times through partnering. However, if life does not direct us toward beneficial opportunities, we may struggle for no reward. We all need to have the power of positive attraction. We all need love, happiness, and confidence in the possibility of a better life.

Life is like a seedling or a child reaching up for the sunlight and trusting that its instincts are exactly tuned to achieving the right result. Many studies have revealed there’s a part of our body that still and always behaves that way: that’s the autonomic nervous system. It does exactly what’s needed regardless of all the counter-conditions that our mind may instruct.

Our oldest sense biologically is our sense of smell. It was once a powerful part of our human survival, and it is still completely tied into the autonomic nervous system. This is actually the secret of how aromatherapy works. Smell directly stimulates the Amidala and the Hypothalamus, both of which are gateways to the autonomic nervous system, without asking permission from our conscious considerations or mental blocks.

An interesting correlation is that essential oil is the Life Blood of the botanical kingdom, and that is the closest form of life to our mother earth. As we respond to her lovely fragrances we can find a depth of inspiration and power of attraction that brings all the good things of life to us. This is especially true when it’s beautiful and uplifting to the spirit.

Scent directs our instincts beyond the conscious level.

This is powerful knowledge when we use it wisely!

This one hour webinar is to instruct you in how to best use the essential oils in our “Attraction Series” blends.  There are six blends for different intentions and attractions.  It does not matter whether you have acquired the 1/6 ounce size or the 1/3 ounce size.  You just need to have  a complete set so you can learn how to use them synergistically.

In this webinar we will tell you about all the ingredients in each blend and explain how and why it works so well to get the results associated with it.  Unlike plants that need to be pollinated, you will not be attracting butterflies and hummingbirds.  However, the scent will penetrate your sensed to your autonomic nervous system and incline you more toward just what you need to do, ask for, intend, or create in order to get the results you seek.  It will also carry the same signal to those around you who get to enjoy it and respond in their own subconscious way.  And I did mean “ENJOY.”  All of these blends are lovely and will create a very positive association for you both mentally and emotionally.

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