Wisdom Essential Oil Blend

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Wisdom Essential Oil Blend, Sacred Touch Oil


Wisdom /Sophia develops when all of these states of unconditional being are focused into complete acceptance and knowing.  In Greek, the word for wisdom is Sophia. Many scriptures refer to wisdom as “precious,” “sacred,” and “feminine.”  Solomon expressed this principle beautifully in the Book of Proverbs (Ch. 8):  “Does not wisdom call out?  Does not understanding raise her voice?  On the heights along the way, where the paths meet, she takes her stand.

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1/3oz, 1/6oz, Sample

3 reviews for Wisdom Essential Oil Blend

  1. squeakytoyz (verified owner)

    I started wearing this when it also was named Sophia .. I like wearing Christ Scent and Wisdom together. I do like the other Sacred Touch blends but these both are my choice over many years.

  2. Diane Quach Comito (verified owner)

    This scent is so Beautiful! The aroma is intoxicating! This is also one of my favorites! I have been using this scent for years . It grounds me and connects me to Divine Presence. This and Christ Scent is the only fragrance I use everyday!

  3. lovejoy8 (verified owner)

    It is with a grateful heart that I leave this review. This oil blend formally known as Sofia…. along the Christ Scent oil have anointed my healing work. To say the energy has increased as well as the speed of the energy is just an understatement. I attend a traditional Lutheran church that just was blessed by a very open loving Pastor. I now regularly go on hospital and home visits with her. It is truly humbling to witness instant hearings and energy clearings. People weep when taking in these oils. There are times when we have witness Dementia and alzheimer patients experience times of lucid dialogue and sharing.

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