Black Rose Pure essential oil


Black Rose pure essential oil
If rose is the queen of flowers, this rare and mysterious variety would be the empress.
Its aroma is rich, deep, complex, and gorgeous beyond description. 
One dram samples available


Roses have adorned our gardens with many colors and exquisite aroma.  They have touched our heart in countless ways, and given inspiration to poets through the ages. However, there is one rare and mysterious rose that is rich and hauntingly beautiful. This is the Black Rose.

In nature black roses have appeared occasionally and unpredictably since ancient times.  But these mystifying and exquisite occurrences would not propagate by seeds.  And there were never enough specimens in the same area for botanists to successfully create more through controlled pollination. Thankfully they didn’t give up. Now today there are fields of these majestic beauties; enough finally to distill their fragrance into essential oil.

Last week I smelled my first sample. I can’t begin to tell you the state of WOW I went into. The aroma is rich, deep, complex, and gorgeous beyond description. But what touched me for hours is how many layers of fragrance are in it. It’s like the most expensive designer perfume. But there was just one designer (nature) and one variety of rose. It is deeply rooted in the earth and its magnetism is infinite.

Aroma therapists have found rose oil to be almost miraculous for generating feelings of love, higher mind, safety, self-esteem, and general wellbeing in life.  I expect this one to exceed all prior experience.

A special word to the gentlemen who love rose but feel it may be too feminine to wear. You will think again when you smell this. There is no gender association. It’s simply Devine.   Where you might consider pink roses to be the bridal flower of choice, Black Rose is the tuxedo.

We acquired a small supply to make it ready for Valentine’s Day. Instead of giving a flower that will wither and fade in a few days, why not give a bottle of a thousand rose petals that will be heavenly beautiful to the last drop?  And how about trying it out with that special man in your life?  Husband, father, son, brother, or friend.

Due to our limited supply we are only offering it right now in 1/6 ounce bottles.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 2.5 × 1 × 1 in
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1/6 oz, 1/3 oz, 1 dram sample


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