Garden’s Delight


“Garden’s Delight” Pure Artisan Blend Oil

What does a garden feel like to itself when its in a society of other flowers, joining in a song of life.  Its FRESH, ALIVE, and the moment is NOW.


Creating this blend was one of those amazing moments of alchemy when everything came together as if by the hand of God.
Yes, its floral.  But the way these flowers blend does also perfectly highlight the plant’s herbal qualities so well that all you smell is FRESH BEAUTY. 
Its floral but not flowery.  Men will love it too.  Its one of Larry’s favorites. 
Just think of Rose, Jasmine, Lemon Myrtle, May Ching, Freesia, and Heliotrope.  
Here’s a quick summary about what their essences stimulate in our consciousness:
Rose: Love, Healing, Beauty
Jasmine: Spiritual love
Lemon Myrtle: Relaxation and relief from stress
May Ching: Family strength and love.  (This has been one of the most cherished fragrances  in China for thousands of years.  Actually reserved for royalty.)
Freesia:  Attraction and purification
Heliotrope: Healing and Wealth
Now think of these essential oils combined in perfect synergy.  The result is stunningly beautiful. 

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1/3oz, 1/6oz


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