Jeshua on Health & Wellness Semester 1


Semester 1 with 6 Audio Lessons


The premise of this course is to help each person discover the very best that life has to offer, and to do so both with empowering enthusiasm plus vital and proven information.

Jeshua explained that both our happiness and our infirmities are accelerated by our greater state of consciousness. This does not mean that we CAUSE all of our situations. Sometimes wonderful things happen to us by surprise, or to the contrary, accidents can cause unexpected loss or injury. There are indeed external causes for illness, such as bacteria, viruses, contaminants, and catastrophes, in addition to common disappointments that tax our confidence.

However, it has long been noted that everyone responds differently to opportunities for improvement or onslaughts of trouble. Even the best of medical care can bring about inconsistent results. On the other hand, some people spontaneously heal with little to no applied treatments. What are the variables? What are the mysteries?

The most obvious answer is that we respond more rapidly and completely to healing and other opportunities for happiness when our base-line health is at a higher level. That is true for our health on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Even though we have not discovered all its patterns and mysteries, our universe is sublimely logical. When we partake of its supply abundantly and in harmonious ways, both health and happiness are more easily reached and retained. Everyone’s life is unique, and there are no easy explanations for why some critical situations develop. Illness is NOT God’s punishment. However, we can be assured that faithful application of natural law is God’s reward.

The application of natural law means all of this and much more:
  • Cultivation of understanding about the universe and its natural supply leads to mastery of life.
  • Understanding our own love nature activates wellness and leads to better relationships.
  • Eliminating the negative as well as toxins from the environment allows positive potential to work.
  • Creating harmony, rather than stress, brings about success.
  • Partaking of nature’s abundance with living food allows for deep nourishment
  • Developing a deeper spiritual life leads to fulfillment
  • When you gain understanding of the most vital factors affecting your health, your effectiveness increases.
  • When you expand your consciousness you increase command over both health and happiness.
  • When you learn your deeper connection with nature, healing secrets unique to you are revealed
  • Cultivating more meaningful relationships allows the greater matrix of love to support and uplift you.
  • All of these premises are explored and delivered with the best of currently existing research and practical protocol.


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