The Heart of Your Being



There is probably nothing more intriguing to our conscious living or powerful for our shared life with others than our heart. The heart is our seed of life, the center of all our aspirations, and the gateway beyond this temporal life into infinity.

Originally one of our most important live webinars.

Now a permanent offering as four audio and text lessons that are directly accessible online or downloadable to your own permanent library.

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In many ways this could appropriately be called “Restoring the Temple, Part II.” However, there is no perquisite for this webinar, and “Restoring the Temple” stands alone as one of the most important webinars we have ever conducted, and it is also available as a permanent online course. “Restoring the Temple” was essentially an introduction to the levels of intelligence within the Sacred Heart, the aspirations that correlate with them, and the way we utilize all levels through our body, mind, emotions, and soul. It provided understanding and certainty about this vital resource that sustains our life, as well as much needed clarity on how we separated from it or failed to use it. In that course we examined the connection between the Sacred Heart, the autonomic nervous system, our emotions, and the earth from which our bodies sprang. This provided a powerful basis for explaining how anointing oils can trigger the most proactive subliminal response, even to the point of miraculous healing.

NOW, it is time we took the next step—that we look at our great Sacred Center as the defining context for our Being. Here is where we find our sense of purpose, and all that we have and do. It is through the gateway of our great Sacred Center that we also progress from here to eternity, discovering heaven on earth as we go.

Often when we take on subjects of grand scope we make the mistake of approaching them as large generalities or abstractions that only symbolize life. It is the job and purpose of this course to make the subject of Your Sacred Center very real, palpable, and as useful as a steering wheel for your daily life, AND your ultimate fulfillment.

For example, approaching, understanding, and entering your Sacred Center cannot be done in a “one-size, one-reality sort of way.” Not only is it the seed of a totally unique being (YOU), it has its own flow of life and flowering, with seasons of progression. As King Solomon told us, to all things there is a season. This is no less true of our Sacred Center. In the course of one lifetime several phases of spring, and corresponding phases of summer, autumn and winter can be observed. If you are now in one of your phases of winter, you will more successfully enter your heart through contemplation and serenity, than through creativity and exploration, which is the energy of spring. Lesson one will help you determine which season you are in (it has nothing to do with biological age) and how most appropriately to enter and embrace the potential available for you NOW. The typical length of each season (though not carved in granite) is seven years. Discovering the vitality and demands that each season brings can unlock many mysteries for you about you own life as well as compatibility with others who may be in a totally different season of their heart. There is a reason it is called a Garden!

This Webinar consists of four lessons, which include an hour audio presentation and a corresponding written text with even more information. You may study online at your convenience, or you may download both text and audio portions to your computer or other devices for permanent saving.

Here are the Lesson titles:

1. The Four Seasons of the Heart
2. Powers of the Inner Sanctum to Heal
3. Giving and Receiving: The Outward Gestures of Prayer.
4. The Garden of Abundance


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