The Garden Bridge Limited Edition Giclee on canvas


The Garden Bridge Fine Art Painting


The Garden Bridge is a radiant portrayal of autumn in the garden. This is the fourth in a series of six paintings “The Garden Suite” painted in tribute to her mother’s horticultural masterpiece in Weatherford, Texas. The later years of her youth were spent there, after which her mother carried on for another thirty years with her innovative work in zero scaping. In those years, this approach to gardening was primarily used by conservationist. For her it was a combination of Zen and Victorian naturalized gardening. This environment holds rich inspiration for the artist because of the emotional layers of past experience and the artistry of nature.

The painting’s execution and color is meticulous, and the style is the kind of scintillating life celebration we associate with an environment that has been savored to its last detail. The panorama is more that of rich perception than broad vistas.

The Garden Suite continues Glenda’s exploration of how we see, and all the factors of vision trace to much more than meets the eye. Although each of these paintings seems to be the result of natural perception and careful rendition, none of them would be possible without conscious and deliberate integration from a consciousness that knows how we see and through what means “seeing” is facilitated. Even though this painting does not have a great depth of field, it is built around 5 different perspective angles, which emulates the spectrum of multi-peripheral vision. This expands the perceptual experience as it it stimulates the mind into admitting its active and major role for integrating all our perceptions.



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