Twelve Laws of the Universe that Always Work!



One of the most profound, Life changing, and popular webinars we ever conducted.  It is not theology, but it explains much of theology.  It’s classic science but talked about on the level of life.This webinar applies to everyone, and everyone should have this knowledge.  All the Tools You Will need to develop your mastery of life

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How would you like to have security and confidence as never before, even in a rapidly changing world?  When you know what really works, always works, you can brace your life with reliable prediction, not affected by rumors of fear, false optimism, or inner conflict.

Build your confidence as never before

Find your true abilities and develop them effectively

Expose the love that you are

Develop an attitude of abundance that provides whatever you require.

Find wholeness that restores health.

Move toward genuine financial security

Be really right about what you choose and do.

Find your way out of the confusing maze of half-truths and false claims in a complicated and frantic world.

Discover a state of inner peace that knows the sun will rise tomorrow.

Be a treasure to all who know you. 

It’s all revealed in the twelve principle laws of existence

Law of Intent

Law of Light

Law of Cause and effect

Law of Gravity

Law of Gestation, Growth, and Adaptation

Law of Energy Transmutation

Law of Harmony, Coherence, and Release

Law of Relativity

Law of Conservation

Law of Balance and Reciprocity

Law of Repetition, Rhythm, and Correspondence

Law of Revelation and Truth 

At first you might think this is the table of contents for a comprehensive science course…these topics are so ingrained in our existence that we either assume we already know them or more likely that it would take a very advanced course to expose their profound nature.  However, it could also be a synopsis for key revelations of the Book of Genesis. 

There is nothing here that is or ever has been a secret!  Although, they have been often denied, suppressed, or averted for human control or lack thereof. 

These are the invariable constants by which the universe is ordered and managed. To learn them in the context of human life reveals most of the answers about life. To live in accordance with them brings genuine security, and profound success within the range of human possibility. To master any part of them to the smallest degree brings strength and reliability to all of the talents and powers anyone may cultivate. 

These are the same laws planted within all of Jeshua’s teachings, and saved for future generations to realize and reveal. They are the laws from which the whole of your life is made. To know them means to know your life and your potential to its fullest.

Jeshua asked me to develop this course for you, that you may have more clarity and understanding about how life really works, to be comforted and lifted to higher possibilities for success both spiritually and materially.

These are very confusing days with regard to the subject of law.  There are moral laws, civil laws, criminal laws, traffic laws, medical laws, international laws, and of course natural laws.  We tend to look at all of them as points of enforcement imposed upon us, even if they have positive and constructive intent.  They have the flavor of restraint and limitation, stressing what we cannot or should not do.  There are so many of them, often conflicting, and we have seen them change with social whims, trends, doctrines, and governments. 

The subject of law has rarely been equated with liberty, happiness, or enlightenment.  Therefore, it’s understandable that free-thinking people would attempt to reframe their perception or experience of universal law with such ideas as the Law of Attraction, Law of Abundance, Law of Gender, Law of Rest, Law of Charity, Law of Celebration, Law of Affirmation, and yes, I’m surprised someone hasn’t presented the Law of Chocolate.  This is not to say that wisdom and truth are not to be found in such expressions of optimal living.  But, human declarations of “law” have caused most of us to wonder why they don’t always work! 

There is an interesting and fascinating thing about universal laws (the real ones): They are constant and applicable at all times, to everyone, and everything, without exception.  They provide a framework that uplifts us without diminishment.  They uplift and support us like a mother’s embrace.  They make us equal under the sun.  As Jeshua is quoted in the Book of Matthew 5:44-45–“But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.”

When we take a positive and enlightened view of universal law, it actually sets us free and gives us a predictable foundation on which to grow and develop our goals and purposes.  We stop looking for secret advantages and start reaching for universal principles of success and growth that benefit all.  Universal laws are not the same as tendencies of nature, or powers requiring cultivation, subject to opportunity, with variable effectiveness.  Laws are not convictions by which some people choose to guide or explain their life (and enforce on others), nor affirmations and applications of human intent.  Universal laws are the rising and setting sun of our lives!

Take another look at the list of universal laws above and note how your very life, body, nature, and foundation of being are made from the TERRA FIRMA of these ingredients.  How could you ever be successful when you defy these laws?  How could you not be successful when you observe them?  How could you not live forever with the universe when you are one with its laws? 

The real help we need is putting them into the context of human life as we live it on a daily basis and developing our confidence in their constant workability.  This webinar is dedicated to that kind of simple and practical instruction.  Actually the simplicity of it is awesome.  The fact that we have been stepping all over it not knowing it was part of our very being is mind-blowing.

Let’s clear the decks, separate the wheat from the chaff, and take a meaningful and powerful look at the foundation we have been provided for successful living.

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A Better Life Forever 



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