The Four Gifts of Forgiveness

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This webinar was originally conducted through conference calls and online lesson study.  It is now available for audio playback and permanent download to your computer.

There has never been a seminar like this on the subject of forgiveness.  It’s one of few subjects I can truly say that everyone needs.

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Forgiveness is not as simple as saying “I’m sorry,” releasing some hurt, or forgetting.

There is probably no more complex subject for the soul than forgiveness, and no subject more rewarding.  I might go so far as to say that it is the final culmination of realization and enlightenment.  After all, according to the Book of Luke, forgiveness was one of the last utterances of Christ.

We make light of this subject with our alms and simple apologies.  At the same times we agonize over the impossible demands of forgiveness, whether of our own sins or those against us.  Life is fraught with the need for forgiveness, over and over again.  We believe in the natural order of things and it lets us down.  We believe in the power of love and it proves not to be as we hoped it would be.  We pray and do not see the results of our prayers.  We support our loved ones with all our hearts and find our relationships to be ripe with problems.

I’m not being negative or disheartened.  This is life.  It’s the truth for all of us.  I’m just saying what you already hold in your life experience and memory.  Everyone has felt this way at one time or many.  And we all ask, WHY?

There is an answer:  Those things we must forgive are the things we must learn.  Those things for which we must ask forgiveness are the things we must change.

This is a never ending quest.  Jesus said: forgive without ceasing.  In Matthew 18:21-22 it is said:  “Then came Peter and said to him, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? until seven times?  Jesus said unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times; but, Until seventy times seven.”

Until recently I was blessed with a life in which little was needed to be forgiven and little forgiveness was requested.  But almost one year ago when I asked God for an extreme expansion of life, two things happened.  One is that more expansion for service to God was offered, unlike I ever had envisioned possible.  And two, my whole perspective changed from the very place in which I stood.  A once pristine and peaceful landscape, sufficiently limited as to preclude and almost eliminate hard times, was changed to a one with a perspective of everything possible in the world, including great challenge and demands for compassion.

After months of this new and “immersed” experience in life I have a deeper understanding of what baptism by fire means.  I have prepared this course as a summary of my own learning, and a path to help you with yours.

Forgiveness is neither an easy nor a simple subject.  It is as complex as life itself.  However, I have found that there are four most likely pathways to acquire forgiveness or offer it to others.  Each of these pathways has its own sublime gift to the heart and soul.

There will be four lessons in this course, and each one will address a unique pathway and gift of forgiveness.

The gifts are:




Restored life

There has never been a seminar like this on the subject of forgiveness.  It’s one of few subjects I can truly say that everyone needs.

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  1. aj (verified owner)

    This course took me to a completely new appreciation of forgiveness. The gifts are many. This course happened right at a time when I was going through some challenges. The steps I took with this course were a perfect companion for the experience that was unfolding during those weeks in my life. These lectures are artful and transforming. Thank you, Glenda.

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