The Keys of Jeshua ~ Semester 2


The 4 Lessons from Semester 1


There are keys that open doors to perceptions and higher states of being.

This course will change your life and prepare you for a more positive future. The journey of “Love Without End” continues as Jeshua’s beautiful words and profound messages add new and deeper meaning to the truths revealed in the first book.

The Keys of Jeshua comprises the remaining notes from those original discussions plus the continuing lessons to Glenda and communications with her in subsequent years. Together with its predecessor, “Love Without End: Jesus Speaks”, it stands alone as the perfected light of what the teachings of Jesus have always been. Here are the quintessential instructions of the Beloved Master, presented in the context of contemporary language and modern understanding.

NOW, in this home study course, you will gain both a deeper and clearer meaning of “The Keys of Jeshua,” you will learn how to apply it more effectively in life. Indeed, your life will become more than you ever thought it could be. Here you will learn how to: Discover the courage to be fully conscious. Unlock your creativity. Fulfill the desires of your heart. Enter the Sacred Heart and know your soul’s true purpose. Release, forgive and receive the ultimate blessings of true freedom. Gain enlightenment and practical techniques that can bring this new understanding into reality. Find peace within yourself. And, so much more!

Each semester contains four lessons in exact sequence with the book. This extra study information and guide is presented in two forms. One is a text “Orientation for Study,” and a recorded one-hour (often longer) conference call from the original presentation of the Study Course by Glenda.

Originally this was a seven-month course divided into six four-week semesters. Now in the privacy of your home, you may enroll in any one of the semesters, or all of the semesters, as your personal schedule permits. You may print all of the text lessons for your permanent record and download each of the recordings as an MP3.

 Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to take the next great step in your life!


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