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In Genesis we are told that the first act of creation was God’s command: “Let there be light!” All else emerged from that. Albert Einstein said that everything IS light in one form or another–every particle, every energy form, and every substance. It is up to us to discover the light that we ARE and the light that has been given to our stewardship. Jeshua referred to this light in his parable of the wedding maidens who allowed their light to go out while waiting for the groom who was delayed. Jeshua said (Matthew 5:14-16) “You are the light of the world. A city located on a hill cannot be hidden. People do not light a lamp and put it under a basket but on a lamp stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before people in such a way that they will see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”
This was part of his Sermon on the Mount, a sermon which was delivered to ALL people, not just the Apostles. We are encouraged to see our relationship with light as necessary and available to everyone, not just for those with time for advanced studies and leisure. That was the vanity of Lucifer, who saw enlightenment as only a tool for advantage and not the sustaining force of our being.
If light is the very essence of our physical existence, and the first act of any creation, why then do we hide our own light, or deny the light that has been given into our care? Mostly, I would say, because of confusion on the subject that prevents a clear and directed flow of energy. As a matter of fact, light travels only in a straight line. Therefore, where there is enough confusion, bending, and misdirection light will be seriously blocked or diminished. The second most common cause is our own self denial and inner sense of unworthiness.Often we stay in the darkness to assure ourselves that our tiny candle is still burning. When we have insecurities, doubts, and secret fears, we become shy, especially in regard to our own personal worth. We convince ourselves that in the darkness we have more value. We ask ourselves, “What might be revealed if I stepped forward and reached out to become all that I could be? If I stepped into a greater light would my own light be lost? Or, would I be leaving others behind in the darkness?”
What we must realize is that neither shadows nor darkness have any real existence. It is WE who create the reality of darkness in our minds by seeing it as a place to dwell and hide from the light–in most cases our own light! As we create a belief in darkness, we snuff out our own light and the light of others. It is sad but true, when your light has been hidden for whatever reason, you lose your own awareness of what and where it is!
Many misconceptions and fears about light and darkness have accumulated in our hearts and minds. The basket to which Jeshua referred is a tangled web of reasons and justifications we have created to hide our light added to which there are many misunderstandings about the nature of light. Therefore, this course is being created to clarify the subject and empower your relationship to it. From the forty-five definitions listed above (and more) there are five principal categories in which the subject could be studied.
Natural light: This comes from the sun, from other combustible bodies of light, and all the instruments of fire. These supply external sources of life support.
Particle light: This is essentially photon light (which is the source of natural light) but may also include other frequencies of radiation that are constant to the time-space-energy matrix. This includes all the inner physical light in your body at a bio-molecular level.
Understanding: Have you ever noticed how much brighter your consciousness is after you gain a new understanding? As we build many layers of understanding we refer to that heightened state as enlightenment. And, enlightenment is not just a state of mind. It is a state of consciousness in which our heart is more empowered, and even our bodies speak to us more clearly. Indeed, all of nature responds eagerly, positively, and with respectful revelations.
Light of the Soul: In portrayals of Christ, saints, and angels we often see halos behind their heads or even around their whole body. This refers to the soul’s light which is immortal, but perhaps also more physical than we had previously believed. There is much evidence that photons are indestructible, not only as discreet particles, but also as patterned configurations affected by thought, emotion, and consciousness. In some documented research by a Russian physicist, it has been shown that light configured by the presence of a particular sample of human DNA remained in that pattern indefinitely after the physical sample was removed. The idea of the soul’s immortality is further substantiated by the nature of a holographic universe where everything is light. It is a fact that any part of a hologram can be recreated over and over again indefinitely from the most minute sample. The memory of light is such that EVERYTHING created with it is remembered forever. Perhaps the defining signature of the soul’s light is the love that created it.
 Divine Light: In the beginning and forever, there is light. This is the strongest correlation I have ever discovered between theology and science. Despite all the other disagreements that may be posited, this is the one point that forms a pivotal union for further discoveries of common truth. When Jeshua described his fulfillment in God as, “I am the way, the truth, and the light,” he was fulfilling a prophesy within the mystical teachings of Israel, namely, that all of creation began as light and the Creator of Light continues to live as the divine presence within all things. This ancient mysticism, which survived mostly in the Kabalistic branch of Judaism was at the heart of all the “Greater Mysteries” given to Adam and Abraham. Fulfilling this ancient wisdom was central to the motivations of early Christianity. Although the more formalized practices have provided the conventional presence of Christian teaching, it is incontestable that the roots of our wisdom tradition began with the realization of the power of Divine Light. In transcending death, Jeshua’s life fulfilled this realization, and today it still stands as our greatest agreement among all bodies of wisdom. Divine light always presents us with a higher truth, often one that challenges us to look more closely, more innocently, and with fewer pre-conceived notions.
 In human form we cannot know this light in its fullest measure. However, it does lead us to a higher light that we can embrace along with all the other forms of light, and that is the light of union. One of the interesting things about light is that it is diffused and dimmed by confusion and intensified by harmony. Laser light is just ordinary light that has been “bundled” into very harmonious wave groups and directed to flow exactly in a straight light as light naturally does when it is not bent through refraction or filters.
In my experience it is crucial to observe the unbroken matrix and synchronicity between all forms of light. Divine light and all of its many expressions in physical and spiritual form provides us with a seamless connection within our experiences of life, and these seamless connections defy separation. Indeed, it is most likely our desire for separation that has empowered our belief in darkness. In a universe created of light, what begins with a belief in darkness, will inevitably lead to self denial, and eventually death. Yes, there are definite implications of immortality in the embracement of light. From a mortal perspective, it is very difficult to know how far we may pursue that line of thinking at this time, or what it means for us at this point in our human history.
 In this course, however, we will dare to examine some of the possibilities, including scriptural references. It is fascinating to know there is one constant that has been reported in every recorded apparition of Jeshua, including the New Testament. He first appeared as light! As we move through this course we will be addressing all the major forms and expressions of light, because they are ALL part of YOU. Each chapter will have some theory, a lot of practice, much to discover, and real goals to achieve. We will be lighting each other’s candles, and gaining the courage to show our light. You, however, must provide the motivation to activate this in your life. Light is your birthright, and it is yours for the taking. But only you can take it. Like the love that you are, it is already there waiting to be activated by your willingness to accept and use it. These are the chapters in which we will explore your light and bring it into a brighter focus in your life and in the world.
The Lessons are as follows:

1. Consciousness and Light
2. If shadows do not exist, why do we give them power?
3. Tuning our behavior to the ways of light
4. The Light of God in oneself and within everyday experiences
5. The Soul’s immortal light

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