Angel of the Evening)


Angel of the Evening

Our newest creation from the studio and a touch from Heaven.
Now for a short while it sill be on sale for 30% off, just to let you celebrate with us.



One of my favorite scents in all of nature is Night Blooming Jasmin. I (and so many others) have tried to capture and bottle this precious aroma, but unfortunately it does not survive the distilling process without fading a lot. So almost all the Jasmine you find on the market (even the best is quite a ways from the true bliss of Night Blooming Jasmin). Typically its a much stronger species of Jasmin that’s distilled, and its not the same. However, a few days ago, while working in my mixing room I felt the presence of an angel. She guided my hand to pick up some essential oil from flowering fruit trees. I immediately caught the direction of this message. The fragile delicacy of flowering fruit blossoms could restore those qualities to Jasmin without changing the Jasmin aroma. It was a miracle. I smelled the bliss of a palace garden on a moonlit night. You have to smell it to believe it. In honor of the angel, I called it “Angel of the Evening.” Fresh and clean as Heaven

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 2.5 × 1 × 1 in
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1/3oz, 1/6oz


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