Living In the Garden of Your Life


Webinar 4, 2019:  Our webinar for this fall season celebrates the beauty of nature within us all.  And charts a path for discovering hidden wonders and powers within your life that are already in harmony with the universe, waiting only for your activation.

Are you ready to tend your garden and have a fruitful and bountiful life?

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Sundays September 22nd,  29th, October 6th and 13th.

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Living In the Garden of Your Life

I think its very possible that WE ARE THE GARDEN FROM WHICH OUR LIFE WAS CREATED!  But we left the primal garden to be in a world we deemed to create for ourselves, thinking it would give us more control and a better life.  So we left the riverbanks, the orchards, the shelter of green forests, the peace of gentle valleys, and the majestic mountains to build our palaces, cities, highways and sky ways in hopes of seeing our own image impressed on the patterns of creation.  
In the last few weeks I have been in a state of joy with nature as never before.  So many things came to mind that made me wonder about a powerful truth we should examine more deeply.  The painting you see above is of the bench in a garden where I wrote most of “Love Without End.”  It  called me there, rain or shine.  And, so much of my youth was spent in a garden working with my mother.  Many of my great inspirations and lessons came from my experience of owning and managing a large production vineyard.
Why should I be surprised that, as I grew closer to God, I would discover a deep resonance and empathy with aromatic oils from the plant kingdom?  Is there any wonder that my professional career as a painter would turn in favor of landscapes and what they have to tell us about our perceptions of life?  Is there any wonder that more than half the parables spoken by Jeshua were taken from the fields and gardens of nature?
What came upon me next, like pouring rain and rolling thunder, is that my LIFE is a GARDEN!  Its a garden that I have sometimes tended, and often walked outside its gate to be involved with the objective and demanding concerns of an artificial world.
We looked at how each of us can and will attract unique miracles.  We looked at how the very power of LIFE has a miraculous nature and we appreciated the special assistance we receive from angels.  However, what all miracles have in common is the power of God acting in our life.  In our Bible, where are we told that connection began?  IN A GARDEN.  Has that garden ever been geographically located with total certainty?  NO.  Its been speculated to be Tigress-Euphrates river valley.  Others believe it must have been in Africa.  Still others claim it was in the Indus river valley of India, or any number of ancient fertile locations.  EVERY religion on earth has a similar story of our human origins and they all say it was in a garden.  Where could it be?  Walk to the nearest mirror and take a look.
Yes, our universe is infinite and miraculous.  Because it is so vast we try to step outside it and see it’s wonder from a distance.  We also have a tendency to objectify our own ideals and desires, setting them on a pinnacle outside ourselves.  While at the same time we interiorize our frustrations and challenges.  It is time we reversed this direction if we are to find peace, fulfillment, abundance, and true creativity.
Can you imagine the difference if we just changed that equation to externalizing the challenges and internalizing the ideals.  The first thing that would happen is we would see ourself again walking and talking with God, because we would be co-creating life again with Him. Its all a matter of perspective…but one that requires great surrender, faith, and love.  You are not only part of all that is, but an exact replica of it like the fractal design of a leaf conveying the pattern of it parent tree.  Once you really know that, there is nothing to resist.  Take a dive into the deep pool of who you really are.
In this webinar you will not only discover  your garden.  But just as important you will learn how to cultivate it into bountiful production and joyful realization.
This webinar will be conducted through conference calls and online lesson study.  All calls will be recorded for playback and permanent download to your computer.



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